Friday, 19 April 2013

Bathroom Idea

Its all about how make your dream come true, when you decide renovation or build something like bathroom, never scare to bring your own ideas! some people maybe said its worst, great or funny but you must proud of your owns ideas, some people maybe take the easy way out like hire some profesional design, its nice and it will be great design.
but its not your own ideas..
how to make or build some ideas on your head? well i think its very easy, first you can find what kind design for your bathroom, you can find many design on internet, picture, price its all there. after you choose the design, dont stop there, explore you mind with that design, mix with your design, remember dont scare to mix it, you can draw or write it than suitable with size and budget for your bathroom idea...
maybe this picture will gave you some inspiration for your best bathroom idea:

 Bathroom Idea


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