Sunday, 27 January 2013

Bathroom Mirrors

Mirror is important accessories in the bathroom, im never see bathroom without mirror :) , why bantroom mirror is essential because mirror can use when we taking a shower to see if u missed a spoot , shaving, tootpaste on ur lips, or to see how hansome you are ;) . If used properly, they can increase lighting in the room especially if it is always dark. If your bathroom is tiny, having mirrors will make it seem large.

Before we installation or buying a mirror bathroom we must know type of mirror for your bathroom

1. Illuminated mirrors
These types of mirrors are similar to vanity mirrors that are commonly found in beauty shops. This mirror focuses on the face hence it can be used for beauty purposes. However, its use extends beyond that of cosmetics. It can be used to provide lighting in the room thus you would have no need to turn on the lights during the day. In addition, it highlights the features of your bathroom thus appearing more desirable.

2. Framed & frameless mirrors
Framed mirrors hang flush against the wall. These are one of the most basic types of mirrors and are found in many homes. These mirrors can be of any size, shape or design. On the other hand, frameless mirrors appear as if they are floating against the wall. In reality, they are completed with a buffed edge that supports them. These types of mirrors are best used in contemporary bathrooms.

3. Swing-arm or extension mirrors
These types of mirrors extend from the wall on a swing arm mount or accordion. They are usually small to stay functional. They are useful in small bathrooms or cloak-rooms. Their mechanism provides flexibility when you need space to do other things.

So what kind mirror you want to install in your bathroom???


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