Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Bathroom Vanity

So many style and design of bathroom vanity, how to choose the perfect vanity for your bathroom???
First you must realize whit your budget, maybe if you had big budget to remodelling your bathroom its not a problem, but when u want to remodelling with small budget so you must had planning when to make it.
Second take a look of your bathroom what kind style, design and colour suitable with the vanity, third take an safty installation, you can find a professional tecnicians.

 Vanity bathroom useful, They support the wash basin as well as providing storage space. They also plays an important role in concealing unwanted pipes giving the bathroom a clean look. The unit offers a central focal point; therefore, it should be selected carefully.

Type of Bathroom Vanity :
· Glass vanities - They are designed using glass that is not easily broken but are not purely made of glass, they incorporate the use of other materials, mostly wood, however in some variations, and stainless steel and wall mounted glass vanities have been used. These kind of vanities are recommended for hotels and other public places, they are not suitable for homes with young children.

· Contemporary vanities - These are vanities designed using different materials to embrace the changing times. They are stylish and show a lot of detail. This makes them stand out from the normal vanities that show some old designs. They are suited for permanent bathroom fixtures because they embrace items such as illuminated cabinets and other advancements.

· Antique vanities - They are designed to look like or mimic the look of antiques or old designer items such as faucets and taps on the vanities. The whole cabinet is also made from an old design.


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